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Universal MST-3 Diagnostic Interface Wireless MST3 master scan

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    Universal MST-3 Diagnostic Interface is new generation Wireless auto scanner. Original MST-3 Diagnostic Interface master update via internet. Wireless MST3 master scan tool support European, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian vehicles.

    Universal MST-3 Diagnostic Interface Wireless MST3 master scan tool

    MST-3 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool master MST3 Wireless Auto Scanner

    MST-3 Diagnostic Interface Test Coverage & Functions
    1. For European cars: for BENZ/BENZ-Class,for BMW,for AUDI, for VW, for CITROEN, for FIAT, for OPEL, for LAND ROVER, for PEUGEOT, for PORSCHE, for RENAULT, for VOLVO, for SKODA
    2. For Japanese cars: for HONDA, for MAZDA, for MITSUBISHI, for NISSAN, for SUBARU, for TOYOTA, for Lexas
    3. For Korean cars: for DAWOO, for HYUNDAI, for KIA, for SSANGYON
    4. OBDII: EOBD, OBD-CAN ON petrolic car

    Wireless MST-3 master scan tool introduction
    New generation WIRELESS Mst-3 is a professional diagnostic scan tool that adopts the latest internet and computer technologies to create an uniquely flexible tool with an open archtecture platform. It provides dealer level diagnostic power with an affordable price by using the owners existing laptop or PC. It is powerful, affordable, expandable and very flexible.

    MST-3 Diagnostic Interface Features
    1. Universal: The system works for European, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian
    2. Wireless: A range of 100 meters/yards means no more tangled cables.
    3.Adopted new wireless technology with anti-interference function,makes remote-diagnosing signal more stranger.
    4. Durable: Can be used in hot or cold weather, from -20°C to 50°C (-4 to 120°F).
    5. Energy saving: No need battery, No comsuption.
    6. Platform: Operates on either XP or Vista operating systems,compatible with WIN7 32bit.
    7. Interface: USB "plug-and-play" technology and high baud transceiver for faster data transfer.
    8. Report: Results can be saved and printed for later reference.
    9. Upgrading: Software can be upgraded anywhere via internet. New functions and features are added constantly to cover more vehicle models.
    10. Hardware: unique desgin, Compact with hanger
    11. Flexible: Able to communicate with engine, transmission, airbag, anti-lock brake, anti-theft and body control modules in most vehicles.
    12. Control functions: Binary communication allows component activation for testing.


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