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KIA Hyundai GDS VCI diagnostic tool With V2.14 GDS VCI software installed Ready To use

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    KIA Hyundai GDS VCI is gds vci diagnostic tool for kia hyundai. GDS VCI KIA hyundai interface with Trigger Module firmware version is V2.14. KIA Hyundai GDS VCI diagnostic tool With V2.14 GDS VCI software installed Ready To use.

    KIA Hyundai GDS VCI diagnostic tool With V2.14 GDS VCI software installed Ready To use

    GDS VCI KIA hyundai interface with GDS VCI Trigger Module GDS VCI full software

    GDS VCI firmware version: GDS V2.14

    GDS VCI software version: VCI V2.14


    Operating system: Duel O/S Win XP and Win 7

    Language: English


    New v2.14 GDS VCI firmware needed for work with new 2015 year Hyundai & Kia cars.

    The new GDS V2.14 software can work with GDS VCI OEM diagnostic tool and GDS VCI red/blue with trigger module (Fright Record).


    Note: This item GDS VCI with installed GDS VCI Software HDD, customers can use it directly when get this item. have this GDS VCI with 2 colors, one is red and the other is blue, pls check the color you need, thanks.


    More details, pls check:


    V15 GDS VCI For Kia & Hyundai GDS VCI diagnostic tool with Trigger Module


    gds vci


    GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. And now buy it. you can get NEW kia GDS software free.
    GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool for KIA Hyundai Features:
    1) Completely Integrated Diagnostic System with User Specific information & settings
    2) Complete Technical Service Information
    3) Comprehensive & Customized Diagnostic Solution
    4) Guided Troubleshooting Procedures
    5) Mobile Data-recording Function
    6) Real-time Software Management
    GDS Trigger Module (Flight record)
    Intensified recording function of vehicle conditions at idling or driving
    Recorded data VCI can be reviewed and analyzed precisely and the terminal
    Exact Analysis of data trend
    Data storing in PC and sharing for remote control diagnosis and further diagnosis
    Actuator Driving
    Sample Operation and multi-record with large memory up to PC HD memory
    Easy to use and fast procedure
    GDS VCI with GDS VCI installed software Packing Including:
    1pc x GDS VCI wireless interface
    1pc x OBD2 main cable
    1pc x 20 pin adapter
    1pc x 12 pin DLC cable
    1pc x 10-8-2 pin cable
    1pc x 6P DC jack
    1pc x AC-DC Power adapter
    1pc x USB cable
    1pc x U disk( kia,  Hyundai )
    1pc x GDS VCI Trigger Module (Fright Record)
    1pc x GDS VCI software hdd




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