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FBGA167 Chip socket for UP828 UP818 FBGA167 socket adapter

by UP818 UP828 socket adapter   SKU: Item No. OBD050
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    FBGA167 Chip socket for UP828 UP818 programmer. FBGA167 socket adapter only need work with up818 up828. FBGA167 Universal IC Programmer Socket Adapter supports BlackBerry 8900, 8520 etc.

    FBGA167 Chip socket for UP828 UP818 programmer FBGA167 socket adapter

    FBGA167 Universal IC Programmer Socket Adapter for up818 up828

    FBGA167 IC Chip test socket features

    Type: TSOP56 Socket adapter
    Support Programmers: UP828 UP818 High speed programmer


    Notice: obd2tuner offer 4 kinds of High speed universal programmer: UP818 Ultra programmer, UP828 universal programmer, UP-828E Ultra Programmer,UP-eMMC universal programmer.

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    obd2tuner supply FBGA167 IC Socket Adapter for UP818 UP828 Ultra programmer

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