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Ck100 V46.02 Key Programmer V46.02 Ck100 Auto car key programmer with 1024 Ck-100 tokens

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    Ck100 V46.02 Key Programmer is silca sbb v33.02 update. V46.02 Ck100 Auto car key programmer with 1024 Ck-100 tokens. V46.02 Ck100 Auto car key programmer Features Support Toyota G Chip.

    Ck100 V46.02 Key Programmer V46.02 Ck100 Auto car key programmer with 1024 Ck-100 tokens

    CK100 CK-100 46.02 key programmer V46.02 CK 100 auto key programmer

    Software Version: V46.02

    Support Languages: English, Italiano, Deutsch, Francais, Espaniol, Portugues, Turkish

    Features: Support Toyota G Chip

    Tokens: 1024

    Fixed chip for CK100 46.02 key programmer:

    CK100 NXP fix chip CK100 tokens chip for ck100 key programmer

    Excellent Quality CK-100 Auto Key programmer is a new generation of the SBB Key Programmer, the replace version.CK100 V46.02 key programmer alternative to function and feature of the SBB V33.02. Increase much more features and functions. More powerfull and functional.


    Note: also release ck100 v46.02 update version V38.03 CK-200 auto key programmer, if customers need, pls check:

    V38.07 CK-200 auto key programmer 2015 CK200 38.07 programmer

    OBD2Tuner Kindly Notice:

    1. CK100 46.02 key programmer Can't Update.

    2. If CK100 fails to adapte key, pls disconnect OBD16 adapter and car, after 10 seconds connect again, otherwise vehicle immo system may get damaged and CK-100 will be locked too.

    3. Ck100 Need pin code to do Ford.

    Compared with Silca Sbb, CK-100 Auto Key Programmer New Add Models:

    CK100 V46.02 Key Programmer Image Display:

    CK100 V46.02 Key Programmer Packing List:
    1pc x Main Unit
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x Power Supply
    1pc x Packing Carton

    CK100 46.02 auto key programmer FAQ:

    Q: Does CK-100 work on Toyota G Chip
    A: Yes, It can do this
    Q: If it can work on Ford?
    A: Yes, but pin code need for Ford cars
    Q: Does it support update?
    A: No, it can not update now
    Q: I follow the video, open the device, while this information comes out PRESS ESC TWICE PLEASE, I follow this to press ESC twice, while nothing happen, what I can do now?
    A:Please connect the device to 12v power supply to test.
    Q: Does the SK117 support corolla 2011 camery 2012?
    A: pls use allscanner it3 for this model.

    Q:Can it read pin code?
    A:Yes,it can,but depends on brand.

    Q:Dear sir,I have 2002 ford explorer,I want to buy T300 or CK100,can you advise which is better for my car?
    A:T300 is better for old cars,but still need to check if the key program has the adapter for your car.




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