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Car battery test tool of Launch BST-460 Battery Tester

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    Car battery test tool of Launch BST-460 is battery sysytem tester. Launch BST-460 Battery Tester for car battery test. Original Car battery test tool Launch BST460 can detect common faults of both starting and generator charging systems.

    Car battery test tool of Launch BST-460 Battery Tester

    Launch BST-460 Battery Tester for car battery test Launch BST460

    Languages: Chinese/English/Russian

    Scope: Suitable for 6V & 12V battery system and 12V & 24V starting and charging system detects

    Launch BST-460 Battery Tester Description

    Launch BST-460 Auto battery tester can detect common faults of both starting and generator charging systems, which help maintenance personnel to achieve quick repair to the vehicle trouble.

    Launch BST-460 Battery Tester Specification

    1. 128 * 64 dot matrix , large backlit display screen (3 inches ) , adjustable backlight brightness LCD display ;
    2. The structure size : 181 * 90 * 30mm
    3. Shell ABS anti - acid plastic , two-tone green rubber oil ;
    4. Test standards , including the most commonly used battery standard in the world , such as CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC , EN , SAE , GB ;
    5. Operating temperature : -20-60°C (-4-140°F)

    Car battery test tool of Launch BST-460 Advantage

    Eight lines with backlight LCD display and humane language prompted interface
    Simple, secure , fast , and accurate display test results ( the test takes about 3 seconds)
    Does not emit light , no heat , no discharge , no spark , no operating dangerous
    Automatic temperature compensation function
    With ripple voltage test function
    Removable replacement test line

    Launch BST-460 Car Battery Tester advanced functionality

    Applicable to a variety of models, all kinds of batteries , and a variety of system mode
    Directly detected in the car , do not need to remove the battery
    Directly test the battery of the loss of electricity , bad cell battery

    Launch BST-460 Battery Test tool criteria and scope

    CCA 100-2000 (SAE & BCI to develop the standard most commonly used : the cold-start battery rating )
    BCI 100-2000 ( international battery Committee standards )
    CA 100-2000 (0 ?? when the effective starting current rating)
    MCA 100-2000 ( ships standard effective starting current rating , 0 ?? )
    JIS 26A17 - 245H52 ( Japanese Industrial Standard)
    Standard DIN 100-1400 ( German Automobile Industry Committee )
    The IEC 100-1400 ( International Electrotechnical Commission standard )
    EN 100-2000 ( European Automobile Manufacturers Association standards )
    SAE 100-2000 ( U.S. Engineers Standard)
    GB 100-1400 ( Chinese National Standard )

    Launch BST-460 Battery Tester package including

    1pc x Launch BST-460 Car Battery Tester Main Unit
    1pc x Removable test cable
    1pc x User's Manual
    1pc x Carry case


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