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2013 I Multi-Diag access j2534 pass thru Multi Diag interface

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    2013 I Multi-Diag access j2534 is vehicle communication Interface. J2534 pass thru obd2 device is update version of 2011 II Multi-Diag. Multi Diag interface enabling you to communicate with the ECU's according to the pass thru J2534 J2534-1 ECU reprogramming.

    2013 I Multi-Diag access j2534 pass thru obd2 device Multi Diag interface

    Actia Multi-Diag Interface 2013 I multi diag j2534 pass thru device

    Software Version: 2013-I

    Support Languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

    2013 I Multi-Diag access j2534 Characters

    Compliant to SAE J2534 & J2534-1
    Either RS 232 or USB interfaces to PC
    K-Line ISO 9141 (100 mA)
    KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
    SAE J1850 PWM
    SAE J1850 VPW
    CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
    CAN ISO 15765-4
    SCI SAE J2610
    Programmable power supply
    On-board memory
    J2534 pass thru obd2 device Functions

    Actia Multi Diag Beside ECU reprogramming, with the help of Multi-Diag Office software vehicle diagnostic, maintenance and repair operations can be done in just a few clicks without being an electronic expert. More than 45 brands, a lot of new vehicles, a large deepness in diagnostic functions.
    After selecting the car manufacturer, then you can make the diagnosis for the different menus on offer (depending on cars models):
    1. Actia Multi Diag - Maintenance

    Diagnosis codes from all computers
    Reset maintenance interval
    Modification of the sewage
    Read / erase fault calculators
    Maintenance of the particulate filter

    2. Actia Multi Diag - Air Conditioning

    Diagnosis of cooling electronic
    Reading settings cooling circuit,
    Test servo actuators

    3. Actia Multi Diag - Pollution control

    Diagnosis of the particulate filter
    Electronic control of pollutant emissions
    Control of the Lambda probe

    4. Actia Multi Diag - Liaison to the ground

    Electronic configuration of the size of tires,
    Electronic configuration of tires (winter / summer),
    Setting valves tire pressure
    Diagnosis and management of shock-driven
    Calibration of the sensor angle Driving (initialization of the steering angle)

    5. Actia Multi Diag - Body

    Implementation of safety airbags (lock / unlock)
    Reconfiguration of a new calculator Airbag,
    Diagnosis of calculators Airbag,
    Rain sensor windshield (reading and erasing fault)
    Test panel and activators of lights,
    Setting Xenon headlights,
    Rear radar

    6. Actia Multi Diag - Post-Equipment

    Setting up the radio,
    Configuration loader CD,
    Setting alarms
    Configuration of the coupler,
    Configuration bicycle loading system

    7. Actia Multi Diag - Braking

    Diagnosis of calculators ABS, ESP.
    Diagnosis and unlock electric brakes.
    Flush the brake system.

    8. Actia Multi Diag - Motor

    Diagnosis of any calculator injection engine (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel,
    etc. ..)
    Programming of injectors
    Electronic configuration of the EGR valve

    9. Actia Multi Diag - Expert Mode

    Diagnosis of advanced computers,
    Configuration of comfort functions,
    Change the language of the instrument panel,
    physical measures (option with a probe - not supplied)
    Direct access to all functions of diagnosis.
    Multi Diag interface Package
    VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)
    DB25 to OBD-2 Male cable
    OBD2 Male to OBD2 Female cable
    2013 I actia multi diag software

    2013 I  Multi-Diag J2534 Software Display


    2013 I Multi-Diag Access J2534

    2013 I Multi-Diag Access J2534_2


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