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1 Month Audi odis online account with Audi VW ODIS online geko access Authorization services

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    Audi odis online account is AUDI dealer account online programming login service. have 1 Month Audi odis online account services. 1 Month Audi odis online account with Audi VW ODIS online geko access Authorization services.

    1 Month Audi odis online account with Audi VW ODIS online geko access Authorization services


    Our audi account is working good, if customers Half-way request for a refund, one time teamviwer input need to pay $ 30.

    If customers need, pls send email to Or add skype:, or whats app: +86 13691674080, thanks.

    Kindly Note:  this Audi odis online account send by teamviewer, after customers paid, pls kindly help give us teamviewer version 11 ID and password, then technical support will login in Audi dealer account and send by teamviewer, this will allow you do online programming. 

    2017 Odis licence certificate download:!RFsgQQDa!jXKbTmTw4z1fNv1KrHBdiQ

    When install certificate in ODIS, it request password: geko1234 

    2017 Odis licence certificate installation guide:

    The things you need to know before you order VAG ODIS Online Account Service:

    1. This is 1 time service, we only login the account ID and Password via teamviewer, not help for working cars.
    That is mean, once we login VW or Audi account, the order is finished, you need to finish the programming yourself
    2. Make sure your hardware and ODIS software support online functions
    3. We can only Login VW or Audi account, dont have account for rest (Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini)
    4. If you change a laptop or change another module want to put the account again, you will need to place another order for online service again
    5. We only offer VW/Audi account, not able to ensure 100% that you can be sucessful in it, please make sure you know how to work with online coding, and if it is failed , we are not able to offer you refund , thank you for your understanding.

    What need prepare for ODIS Online account service?
    1. odis Vas 5054 hardware what work with ODIS downlaod software for Audi/VW online programming, VAS 5054 recommended.
    2. ODIS software up to v3.0.1 installed for online coding, ODIS 3.1.3 download software installed HDD ready to use recommended.
    3. 2017 Geko certificate installed for vas 5054 online coding, if need geko certificate, contact Skype: or our sales after order VW/Audi online coding service.
    If I order 3 month accont, will I got the Audi VW ODIS online geko access account user and password?

    VW/AUDI dealer account online programming login service from, which only offer via teamviewer.
    If I order VW/Audi 1 year,1 month, 1 time access service What time available for teamviewer login account?
    Pls kindly note: offer VW/Audi online programming login service during 9:00am—23:00pm GMT+8, cover most customer's work time.
    Have much time different between and customer local time, even extend the service time already, still can not cover few region customer workshop working time, is there any efficient solution for the online coding service offering?
    1. If customer running a garage/workshop, pls collection the car need do online programming and contact us for login ODIS online programming account.
    2.Customer have better appoint available time with once garage or workshop have car need do online programming, our sales will try best to meet customer need. may be offer 24 hours/6day ODIS coding Online account login service if necessary in the future to cover more customer working time.



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